Egress Window Covers: What are they?

Clear Egress Window Cover

Egress window covers: What are they?

Egress window covers are a type of cover that is installed on the outside of windows. They come in many different colors and shapes, with most being made to match your home’s style. The main use for them is to ensure you have enough light inside your home while also maintaining the structural integrity of it. Egress windows are often required by building codes so they can be very useful if there was ever an emergency or fire where you needed to escape through one of these windows.

Egress covers are mandatory for commercial buildings with basement levels that employees might find themselves trapped without an exit route-types places where this would be necessary include stores, restaurants, theaters, schools, hospitals and more. These types of buildings need egress windows because if their employees were ever trapped inside the building, they would be able to use these windows as an exit route. The egress window cover must be operable by normal means and large enough (between 5-7 square feet) to allow people through.

The other major use for these type of covers are residential buildings. Not all homes have these types of windows, but it is recommended that you put them in every bedroom and bathroom to meet code requirements. They are also very helpful in spaces like basements, attics, walk-in closets, or rooms below grade where you might not want a full-blown window installed. You can choose your size based on your intentions; whether it’ just for light or if you want to make sure you can escape in an emergency.

Some egress window covers are pretty while others look like a regular part of the exterior of your home, but all will help keep your home safer and more secure. they add an extra bit of safety and security to your home and they add light as well! If you’re looking to install new windows where you live, these types might be a great choice for you.

Egress window covering for basement
Egress window covering for basement

Safety Concerns 

One of the main safety concerns with using egress window covers is that, in an emergency, people might not be able to open them. Most window covers are accessible by normal means, but there are some that might require a special tool or key to open them in an emergency. Make sure you check out the specifications of the cover before purchasing to make sure you will be able to open it in an emergency.

Another safety concern is that the window cover may not be strong enough to hold someone’s weight. In some cases, the cover might not be able to support the weight of a person trying to escape. This is why it’s important to make sure you choose a cover that is strong and durable enough for your needs.

There are some tools you can use to install your egress window, but make sure you maintain the safety of the product during installation. Hiring a professional is usually the best bet to keep yourself safe during installation and ensure that you have done it correctly. Make sure you read reviews of companies before hiring them to do this job for you so that you know their reputation beforehand.

Egress window coverings are truly great products that can be used in ways people don’t often think about. They provide light inside your home while also ensuring there is an exit route in case of emergency so now is a great time to consider installing them on any windows where they would be most useful!

Tips on how to get the most out of your egress window cover installation

When installing an egress window cover, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible:

-Measure the window opening accurately to ensure you get the right size cover

-Make sure you have the right tools to install the cover (usually a screwdriver and drill)

-If you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you

-Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely to avoid any safety concerns

Once the cover is installed, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of it:

-Make sure the cover is easy to open and close so that it can be accessed in an emergency

-Ensure that it matches the rest of your windows so that they look cohesive

-Turn on the light inside your egress window cover once you’re done installing it to use it as an extra source of light

Egress window covers are a great way to ensure you have the right amount of light in your home while also keeping yourself safe. Installing this type of window is really easy and can make a big difference in how safe and secure your home feels. Explore all the options available before making a final purchase decision on one, consider who will be using them and what purpose they serve to you! Now that you know more about these types of windows, think about areas where you could benefit from having some installed.

Clear Egress Window Cover
Clear Egress Window Cover
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