Window Coverings For Large Windows

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Window Coverings For Large Windows

Window coverings for large windows are not only important for aesthetics, but they also provide multiple benefits that help you save energy and reduce costs. Read on to find out more about the many ways they boost your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and visual appeal.

The amount of light a room receives affects productivity, comfort and mood. This is why it’s critical to find the right window coverings for your space.


Large windows can offer beautiful landscape views, exposure to natural light and an open airy feel to a home. But, it’s also important to consider privacy when covering large windows.

Window Coverings For Large Windows
Window Coverings For Large Windows

The location of your home, the direction of your windows and what is seen through them both during daylight hours and at night will determine what type of window treatment solution you need. This is especially true for residential spaces.

When it comes to privacy, one of the most ideal options is sheer shades or zebra-like shades that prevent outside-prying eyes from looking inside. These shades can also be used for light control.

Light Control

Large windows are often a great focal point in your home and allow for a lot of natural light. However, there may be times when that light is just too much.

Depending on the direction your large windows face and what room they are in, you’ll need different window treatments that allow for the right level of light control. For example, western-facing windows need more substantial light blocking than eastern-facing ones, and bedrooms need room darkening options to prevent too much outside light.

You’ll also want to look into energy efficient options that can help you save money on your energy bill during the hot summer months. These shades are lightweight and trap air to minimize heat transference and reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

Energy Efficiency

When you’re covering large windows, the importance of energy efficiency can’t be underestimated. It’s estimated that about 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy is lost or gained through the windows, so using quality window treatments is essential for keeping costs down.

When choosing window treatments, a great way to ensure energy efficiency is to choose window coverings that have a high level of insulation. These include blinds, shades and curtains that are made with a cellular or honeycomb construction.

Cellular window coverings are incredibly light, making them ideal for tall windows. They have lots of honeycomb-shaped pockets that trap air, helping reduce heat transfer through the window’s glass and reducing your utility bills.

These types of window coverings are available in everything from slight light filtration to room darkening for ultimate light control. They also come in a variety of colors, textures and fabrics. For added efficiency, many cellular shades have thermal linings on the backside of the fabric, which helps increase the insulation around the windows.

Window Coverings For Large Windows
Window Coverings For Large Windows


When covering large windows, style is a key factor. It can affect your mood and how you feel when spending time in that room. Privacy is another major consideration for large windows. You might have large windows in rooms like bedrooms where you need to be completely private during the day and also at night.

Depending on how often you will need to adjust your shades, manual or automated window treatments may be right for you. You can even choose to have motorized options with light sensors that open and close your window coverings automatically to follow the sunlight’s pattern throughout the day.

Sheer drapery is the perfect option for large windows because it brings in the outside, while still allowing plenty of natural light into the room. It also creates the illusion of a larger space without making your room look crowded or empty.

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